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Should I remove my radiators before having my walls skimmed? Yes! We can do this for you if need be.
Should I clear the room before you arrive? Please clear the room completely before we arrive. It helps us to get the work done faster. And you have peace of mind that your possessions are safe from damage. We will carefully protect floor coverings and large items with dustsheets and tarpaulins.
I’ve just had my walls skimmed. Can I put the heating on? Yes! The heating can go on but must be kept on a low setting. Turning the heating on full after plastering may cause the plaster to dry out to quickly. This could cause the new plaster to crack.
How long before I can paint my newly skimmed wall? A newly skimmed wall can usually be painted within 5-7 days. Walls that have had a coat of backing plaster applied first may need longer to dry out.
What paint should I use to paint new plaster? A watered down trade emulsion should be used for the first coat. This allows the paint to soak into the new plaster, providing a good key for further coats.
PRICING ADCAR aims to be competitive. With a structured pricing policy in place we can provide a service to meet any budget. When quoting we make sure that our prices are transparent, we will quote competitively and state clearly in writing what is included. We advise our customers to be wary of quotes which seem unrealistically low, such quotes often make up the difference by using poor quality materials, cutting corners and charging expensive extras. ADCAR charges any unforeseen work/extras in line with our pricing terms and only on our clients’ approval.
ENVIROMENTAL ADCAR is committed to reducing its impact on the environment. Our policies include: - Actively seeking out materials that are environmentally friendly, from sustainable and ethical sources. - To offer our clients refurbishment solutions instead of replacement. - To use paints that are 2010 VOC compliant.
HEALTH & SAFETY We are constantly reviewing our Health and Safety. Our policies include: - Minimising dust by using dust extraction systems. - Avoiding wherever possible materials that are solvent based. - To use an RCD electrical safety plug with all work involving the use of power tools - To be aware of Asbestos in the building fabric. We undertake yearly Asbestos awareness training (UKATA Category A). Certificate no: 30325. Shield Environmental.
INSURANCE Aaron Carson is insured with Brit Insurance Policy No: MSBRITPL/007963, £2,000,000 Public Liability insurance. Certificate available on request.