Internal Plastering

Skimming is the application of a skim coat of finishing plaster, making surfaces e.g. backing coats, plasterboard ready for decoration. Old walls/ceilings can be re-skimmed saving hours of decoration preparation time. We provide a quick and clean service.
Plastering Over Artex
We can plaster over Artex, even thick textured Artex can be brought back to flat. There are several different methods of plastering over Artex, depending on the condition of the existing ceiling. Some ceilings require a thicker coat of plaster to cover the texture. Ceilings in a poor condition may have to come down or be overboarded with plasterboard first. We are aware that Artex may contain white asbestos and can provide a testing service if required.
Plasterboarding (walls and ceilings)
Plasterboard is commonly used as an alternative to plaster backing coats e.g. (sand/cement) because it is quick to install, and has good fire and soundproofing properties. We can advise you on types of plasterboard and drylining systems; and install them.
Plaster Repairs/Patching
We have successfully completed many repairs, including plaster damaged by water/fire. Patching works e.g. patching after building works are also carried out.
Internal Plaster Backing Coats (walls)
A backing coat is the first undercoat of plaster applied to the wall. The type of backing coat used depends on the background e.g. bricks/block and the properties required of the plaster e.g. high impact resistance. We can apply all types of plaster backing coats e.g. sand/cement, hardwall, bonding.
Solid Wall Insulation
We can install insulation to solid walls to comply with Part L of the Building Regulations (Conservation of fuel and power).